Is this the same Lizzie?

Friday, April 20 – I woke up about 4:30 (a good night for me lately), and she was sleeping curled up with her back to the opening of the crate. I take that as a sign that she is beginning to trust her environment.

I did venture out and looked at her stool, and I was extremely pleased that it was both large, and perfectly formed. I suspect that her prior diarrhea was due to the change in her food, coupled with the stress of a new living arrangement.

And that is where the expected ended.

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Adoption Log – Lizzie – Week 1

Monday, April 16 – we met Lizzie, a hound who has had a bit of a rough history. The story about her is incomplete, but the belief is that she was bought to be a hunting dog in Kauai to hunt the feral boars. She didn’t work out, so she was dumped.

She is sweet, good around other dogs, but is very shy around people. She was moved to the mainland in December 2017, and has been in foster care since. She does bond with people, but it takes time to build trust.

We picked her up around 3:00PM, and returned home about 5:00. She was curious of the house, but still very timid. We borrowed a crate for her from the rescue group, and she was very comfortable inside it. It is important to give her a safe space.

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