New Frontiers

Lizzie has significantly progressed from the shy, retiring girl when we first met her at Alyce’s house, first bonding with me, then playing like a fool, then being bonding with Barbara. However, much work needs to happen.

In the mornings now, first thing, she practically insists on being harnessed up and going out front. She is pretty good at exploring the neighbor houses, but she isn’t much interested in moving beyond that comfort area. Sometimes, she wants to go out a second time, and then it is play time, and alas, she is impossible to control, so we head in quickly. Still, it is encouraging that she wants to go out.

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Lizzie at Two Months

It has been a while since I have written, certainly time to get back to the world of Lizzie. Last Monday marked the 2 month anniversary of Lizzie’s arrival. The initial transition was rough, but she quickly bonded (with me at least), and continued to improve.

At about the 5 week mark, she began opening up to my wife, and became more comfortable around her while I was at work. Still some rough edges, backsliding on the potty training, and the destruction of a couple of beds (we now have a ballistic nylon tough bed for her “den”.) Additionally, she began going on a short front yard roam every morning.

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Lizzie and more visitors

Last weekend, Lizzie had my brother and sister in-law in town with their two Maltipoos. That started a bit rough, with Lizzie hiding most of the weekend, but she was much more brave by the time they left on Tuesday afternoon, even playing with the lil’ pups.

This weekend, Barbara’s brother is in town. Lizzie was (and is) a bit more freaked out. Barking, hiding, growling. Not so good. Of course, Barb’s brothers are big, loud, and not dog people. Lizzie was not happy.

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