Tate hides a bone

As I mentioned in the last post, saying goodbye to Tate was not easy, but it was the right decision. Now, I will write a series of posts to remember Tate, and the all too brief time he spent with us.

Being a seizure dog wasn’t easy, either on us or on poor Tate, but it wasn’t all bad times. Tate was a fun loving, affectionate goof. Throughout the 5 years he spent with us, he was constantly surprising us with his follies.

This post will be about his sensitive stomach.

Often with rescued greyhounds, the diet that they are fed on the track is not the highest quality. Often it is rejected meat, and a very high protein and calorie diet, and this leads to a sensitive stomach after their time on the track.

Thus, we spent a lot of time finding foods that he could eat, that wouldn’t lead to either colitis, or other upsets. However, regardless of what we fed him, occasionally, he would have an upset tummy.

One day, when we were still in Tucson, in the afternoon, we gave him a treat, a “big bisky” (large milkbone biscuits), but since he had an upset stomach, he took it out back to “eat“. Well, since he didn’t want to eat it, he dug a hole and buried it to save it for later.

Just like the stories in the old Saturday morning cartoons, Tate buried his bone.

We weren’t sure what he was up to, but when we poked around near his “hiding” spot, he got nervous, and dug it up to keep us from finding it.

Barbara and I still laugh at the memory.

Good times, from a good dog.