Lizzie is neither a greyhound, nor a bro, being a rescued hound from Kauai.

On the island, the wild pig hunters have created a hound that is especially suited to the rigors of hunting the hazardous wild pigs. Short, stocky, bred for strength, and very high energy, these dogs can run down the wild pigs, wearing them down, and ultimately vanquishing their quarry.

Fifty-ish pounds, mixed from stock of GSP, Whippet, American Staffordshire terrier, and other components, they are distinctive dogs.

Lizzie came to us in mid April. We had lost Garrett in late January, and we knew we needed a break. Being hound free allowed us to do some sitting of the Greyhound sisters (Falcon and Clara), and that definitely sparked the desire to bring another hound into our lives.

I am pretty much done with puppies (way too much energy and work), so I began browsing the “Over 6 months” category on Copper’s Dream Rescue page. We attended a meet and greet, and saw many fun hounds. But, we weren’t ready.

Then we saw “Lizzie”.

She sounded good from her post. However, she was a bit fearful around people. What an understatement. The first week was an ordeal (read here) but quickly progress was made. Read the posts in chronicle order to understand the progression. It has been remarkable.

However, she still remains quite terrified of strangers, and anything that is out of the ordinary in her world. She is definitely a work in progress. But she is family now.