That would be a hard NO

Been a long time since I have posted (my bad) I have to drop in and mention something that I just found. When I originally bought my Honda S2000, I became very interested in keeping it in great condition, and … Read more

Lizzie LOVES the Dog Park…

In the last week, my wife has been out of town, and I have worked from home to take care of the pups. As part of this task, I have begun taking Lizzie to the dog park. Miyuki Park, about … Read more

Looking back on 2019

Some website maintenance during this holiday shutdown lead me to a revelation. I hadn’t posted to the Greytbros page in over a year. How could that be?

I guess that a part of it is that there was remarkably little drama, dog wise, this year. Lizzie and Cerberus have been in remarkably good health, and with the exception of an exuberant play session where Lizzie’s ear got slashed, needing a lot of glue and time spent in a soft elizabethan collar, it has been quiet.

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Health Issues

The life of a dog owner is very blessed. Lots of love, wiggling tails, and a bond that is difficult to describe. From the “gotcha” day, until the last breath in your arms at the end of a long life, they bring amazing happiness, and companionship to you.

Alas, they also have health issues to deal with, and fortunately there are veterinarians who are there to work with you (although sometimes it is best not to ask the price). Both Lizzie and Cerbie have needed some care in their time with us.

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The Cousins are Back!

Prior to Cerbie’s arrival, we had the joy of my sister’s hounds staying with us. She lives near Lake Shasta, and the Carr fire was threatening her homestead, so we took in her pooches.

After they left (and the fire was control), we quickly snarfed up Cerbie.

Fast forward to September 4th, and the Delta Fire is once again threatening her neighborhood in Shasta. So, you guessed it, we have the cousins back. And Cerbie. Fortunately Griz was able to stay with my other sister, so we just have the four of them.

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Lizzie ROCKS the Vet!

We have had Lizzie for almost 5 months, and she has come a long way with her fears and demons. However, she remains terrified by strange people. Traumatic incidents in her time prior to us adopting her are the source of this, and it is sad.

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Cerbie at Two Weeks

It is beginning to get difficult to write about Cerbie, as he is just so damn chill all the time. I swear the Island life really turned out a low drama hound. He has some minor health issues that we are working on (the infected anal gland – eww) but his behavior is exemplary.

He is a hugger. Like “I’m going to put my forepaws on your shoulders” hugger. He is almost tall enough to do it while you are standing, but definitely while sitting. It is a darling trait.

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