While she is transitory, Falcon has earned the privilege of being an honorary “Greyt-Bro”. While we are currently hound-less, we have been tapped in to sit Falcon, and her sister Clara while their hoomans are selling their townhome and buying a new house (with a yard).

From last year, when an injury kept Falcon’s Mom, Kristin Nayak, from walking her, we volunteered to help a couple times a week, or as we could. On my “work at home” Fridays, I looked forward to the 45 minutes or so, that we would go and walk Falcon around their neighborhood.

Young, energetic, and vivacious, she was a handful, but also super social, and a total love. Her sister, Clara, was shy and reserved, so she stayed home.

The 1.1 mile loop we walked was enough to empty her out of both poo and pee (yes, Greyhound people are weird, and we talk about their movements and eliminations in ordinary conversation, deal with it…) and it was always hard to leave after we were done.

Now, we have had the girls a few times at our house. They have settled right in, dug all the toys out of the bucket, slept on the couch, the chair, the beds, and in general being what one would expect, goofy, high-energy greyhounds.

Falcon is without a doubt the social butterfly of the duo. She is velcro, she loves to be where the people are, she can’t get enough skritches, pets, and attention.

Falcon is also very photogenic. A natural ham, she loves the attention, and poses for the camera effortlessly.