That dreaded call …

I am calmly awaiting the dreaded call. The one to tell us that we may pick up Tate’s cremains. As rational as I have been, knowing that throughout his seizures, that we would eventually have had to put him down due to it, how this long time preparing for the end was a bit of a balm on my psyche, I know that driving over to get his ashes will be devastating.

Sadly, many pet owners have the same grief reminder. If you select the cremation option, and to have your pet’s ashes returned to you, you get to make the trek to the vet and pick them up.

Alas, yesterday afternoon, we got a call from the vet, and fearing it being the call, we let it go to voicemail. Alas, it was a reminder for our remaining Bro’s appointment today, needed because he needs his vaccinations for the renewal of his license.

Alas, that painful, heart wrenching call, and the teary-eyed trip to the vet, are still in our future.

Side note:

We had insurance for Tate, a highly recommended option for anyone with rescued greyhounds, as they tend to have some ongoing health issues from their time at the track, and are quite expensive to care for. The insurance we had, “Pet’s Best“, has a “one time only” Euthanasia benefit. Seriously, you have to point out that you only get to claim that once? At least I found some humor in that…