A finally tally

As we are preparing our taxes, we were tallying up our expenses last year. One thing that was always a big expense but that we didn’t really count was the cost of Tate’s seizure medicines and other care.

In our gut, we knew that it was not a trivial amount of money, but in the middle of it, we couldn’t just put a dollar value on it.

Now that he has gone over the rainbow bridge, and we are pulling together our expenses from the last year, it falls out to the fact that we spend a little over $6,000 dollars on care for Tate in the year. At least that we tracked vis the veterinarian and prescriptions.

$500 a month. Special food, Keppra, Phenobarbital, KBr, vet visits. Yikes, that is a lot. Not that there was any question about spending it, but life with a seizure prone dog is not inexpensive.