Is this the same Lizzie?

Friday, April 20 – I woke up about 4:30 (a good night for me lately), and she was sleeping curled up with her back to the opening of the crate. I take that as a sign that she is beginning to trust her environment.

I did venture out and looked at her stool, and I was extremely pleased that it was both large, and perfectly formed. I suspect that her prior diarrhea was due to the change in her food, coupled with the stress of a new living arrangement.

And that is where the expected ended.

About 7:30, I was in my office, and suddenly I heard Lizzie venture out of her crate. Suddenly, she is nosing her self past my door, and then begins exploring. I relocate to the living room, and sit still, letting her go where she wants.

I hear her grab a toy from the toy bucket, and head back to our bedroom. Then I decided to make her breakfast. I should point out that all week, she ate either in her crate, or in our bathroom. Today, I put it in the usual kitchen area.

She ate in the kitchen! Wow.

Then she started playing with her toys. She comes up and snuggles with me. She gets on a chair. Jumps on my lap as I am on a phone call.

Suddenly all the toys are in the bedroom, or in her crate. She starts playing with a tennis ball. She runs down the hallway to get ice when I am filling my cup. Then she sprints back when I give her a cube.

It isn’t all skittles and unicorns though. While I was on a conference call, I get the wafting odor of a fresh stool. Once the call is over, I see a piddle puddle in the hallway, and there is a nice, perfectly formed stool in the kitchen (at least it was on the tile).

She is still not fond of the outdoors. I did get her out for a few minutes, but she wanted back in. At least she didn’t shake like a leaf.

Small steps, but HUGE progress, and much quicker than expected.