New Frontiers

Lizzie has significantly progressed from the shy, retiring girl when we first met her at Alyce’s house, first bonding with me, then playing like a fool, then being bonding with Barbara. However, much work needs to happen.

In the mornings now, first thing, she practically insists on being harnessed up and going out front. She is pretty good at exploring the neighbor houses, but she isn’t much interested in moving beyond that comfort area. Sometimes, she wants to go out a second time, and then it is play time, and alas, she is impossible to control, so we head in quickly. Still, it is encouraging that she wants to go out.

Today, we embark on the next challenge. Getting her out of her comfort zone. She is pretty good about going in the car. Now, at the advice of a trainer at our local Petco Unleashed, we will drive her to their store, get her inside, give her a treat, and then leave. We will also do that with the Vet, as we know that will be a challenge.

Her first visit to the store was as expected, she was a bit terrified, and scared, but it was a success. This is a journey, not a single event. We will keep expanding the effort, slowly, but irresistibly.

The journey is long, and the progress will come in small steps. Wish us luck!