Lizzie Update – Late July

We slipped past the three month mark, and Lizzie continues to settle in. Time for an update.

First, she is sleeping through the night. No longer do I get the tap to wake up at 2 or 3 AM because she is up. Huge. In fact, more and more she is sleeping though my morning ritual (get up about 5, make coffee, read the NY Times, eat breakfast and then get ready for work.) Of course, she is having bursts of energy and playing fits later in the day and into the evening.

Second, she has some billy goat in her. She likes to stand on the coffee table, and to climb on things. I am glad we have a 6′ fence. I will need to get some pictures, but she is truly amazing in her ability to walk and climb on things.

Third, she is still a toy hound. Emptying the toy bin is a daily ritual. She loves toys with treats she has to work to get out. Her latest favorite is this jumbo rubber bone that is Mastiff sized. She doesn’t care that it is almost as big as her body, she will carry it around, and run with it.

Fourth, she has as much energy as ever. I really need to get the GoPro on her for some lizzie cam action. The bird’s eye view of when she leaps for the couch will be priceless to capture for eternity.

She is getting better about not bothering us while we eat. Not perfect, but it is mostly getting to the point where we don’t need to crate her while we eat.

She LOVES watching TV. We fired up “Martin Clunes: A Man and His Dogs” and she was riveted. All the belief that dogs can’t see 2D things like TV’s, balderdash. She is totally in to it.

She is an AMAZING guard dog. Great ears, and she barks loudly. Sadly, it doesn’t deter the JW’s.

She still loves her crate. A safe space.

A couple times a week, we take her on an excursion to Unleashed by Petco. She enjoys the ride, and once she gets there, she is happy/nervous. The nervous is improving, and the last time, their resident trainer, Kira, was able to give her a couple of treats (a breakthrough).

Later today, my sister, who will be fleeing the Cara fire up in Redding and Shasta, will be coming down until the fire is under control, and she will bring her menagerie, Griz, Ted, and Sugar. Lizzie is in for a treat, three buddies to play with.

It is clear that we need to get her a buddy, a pack companion to play. We aren’t (that) old, but it is difficult to keep up with her