Lizzie and Cerbie playing

Mornings are interesting. usually, the pair are slow to wake up. They usually do a headshake to fake me out (way too early I might add), but that mostly is a switching of beds.

Then I get up, make my coffee and begin reading the news (The NY Times in case you were wondering). Some time later, often after 5:00 AM, they decide to get up. Ablutions, eliminations, and some water, then the playing begins:

Cerbie and Lizzie – typical morning from Geoffrey Anderson on Vimeo.

This is typical. They do this for a while. I mostly let it go on, but occasionially they will step up the intensity (or Lizzie will bust out a serious attack of ZOOOOOOOOOMIES)

I am going to need to get the GoPro on Cerbie for some outdoor hijinks.

Be on the lookout for some CerbieCam footage, coming to a blog post near you soon!