Playdates – Penny Visits

One unexpected surprise when we moved into our house was that our nextdoor neighbors had a rescued Greyhound. I mean, what are the odds, Greyhounds aren’t common in California, as there is no racing here, and we happen to luck out and live next door to one here.

Of course, our neighbor Greyhound, “Penny”, a petite girl, about 3 years old (guessing) was a bit antisocial. Her parents (John and Lauren) commented about how she didn’t get along with other dogs, and in particular didn’t play well with other greyhounds.


But Garrett saw her one day, and was smitten. He would go out of his way to pee in her yard to indicate his interest.

After many chance meetings on the street while walking, we decided to have a supervised playdate in our backyard.

After a little butt-sniffing, and one growling session, things settled down, and fun was had by all.

Alas, John and Lauren have moved away, taking Penny with them, but the memories remain.