Scary Days

Garrett, our senior greyhound, has had a couple scary incidents lately. He suddenly becomes really lame in his right shoulder. No weight, crying trying to get up, and really a sad panda.

This scares the shit out of us, as this is exactly how Oliver’s osteosarcoma started. At the dog park one day, he just pulled up lame, and a few weeks later, we had to put him to sleep.

Of course, Garrett has made it past the danger time for osteo, which seems to be right around 7 or 8 years old. A bit past 10, he isn’t completely out of the weeds, but the high risk time is over.

That said, because he raced for a long time, he has some arthritis, and soreness in his joints. This is getting worse as he gets older, and isn’t a surprise.

The other factor is that he is losing muscle mass, another ordinary occurrence. We can clearly see the reduction in his build. However, he is doing well otherwise.

Getting back to the lameness, Garrett is pretty helpless for a an afternoon, or a full day. He really wants to be as active as he usually is, and it drives him crazy to not be able to do what he likes.

Last night, we went to bed with him clearly in pain, wondering if this was the time for the end. Certainly a trip to the vet today ($$$$) was in the cards.

Then, when I got up this morning, he leapt up, limping slightly, but a lot less than last night, and insisted on joining Tate and I for the morning walk.

Another bullet dodged.

As one who suffers from sever osteo arthritis in his left thumb, it wouldn’t surprise me if he has a little bone on bone grinding in his shoulder joint. Just like there are certain positions that if I get my thumb in them, it hurts like hell, that would explain Garrett’s discomfort.

Regardless, we are about to take the boys to Edenvale park for their afternoon walk.