I am Tate – Master of the House

Tate here. As has been mentioned, I am one of those seizure dogs, and cause far too much grief for my family. I still love them though, as much or more than they love me.

However, I have some odd traits that my Mommy likes to blame on my seizures, and brain damage. One is that I like the pack to be together. I really hate it when my Mommy is at her computer and ignores me. Or she is drinking coffee and reading her newspaper on her iPad.

How rude to not be paying attention to ME.

So I do this thing where I stand really close and stare. It is very unnerving, but I usually get what I want. Because I am a dingus.

I also like my walkies. Even when it is cold and wet. My daddy sometimes grumbles about it, but I get my way. I have a coat for when it is cold (brrrrrr), and a raincoat for when it is wet. Don’t get it the way of my walkies.

But, mostly, I like to sleep.