Garrett has a Flashback

Life with greyhounds is never dull. Garrett, our senior dude, almost at the end of his 11th year, spends more time sleeping than usual.

About 18 months ago, he was what I would term a “thick” dog, but his arthritis kept him on a drug that made him eat a lot. Metacam, a NSAID for dogs, in an oral suspension, something not approved for people, it worked pretty well for Garrett over 6 years or so, where we were trying to minimize his dose. As the medication is ruinous to the liver, we kept him to as low of dose as he could, to prevent him from suffering liver failure.

Then about 9 months ago, we switched him to a, uh, “different” medication. Not only is Garrett more comfortable, his weight is down to where it should be (of course Barbara thinks he is too skinny, but for an arthritic, 11 year old greyhound, who spends about 20 hours a day sleeping, and resting, his weight is good.

So, Garrett is down to one modest walk a day (unlike his half brother, who needs about 5 miles of trekking a day). Often a trip around the block, or a little longer, about 0.8 miles, or even around Edenvale park. He does love that.

The morning walk has become a ritual for Tate alone. That has lead to longer and longer loops, and mostly Garrett will lift his head, and tell us to enjoy ourselves.

So, when I am sitting in my room, and Tate is lobbying for his morning walk, and Garrett pokes his head in, I know it is a special day. Garrett is having a flashback.

This morning, we did the simple Madison loop, and dodged the rain the last couple blocks.

However, Daddy is ecstatic when the G-Bear goes for the morning walk. Now, Garrett is back to his usual routine, about 23 hours a day of sleeping

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