Why is poop so delish?

Tate is a pain sometimes. Sometimes? Well, most of the time. Regardless of how much we love him, he has this disgusting habit of eating his own poop that is nasty. He seems to leave his brother’s poop alone, and odd dog poop on the walk, he will sniff at and leave.

But his own poop? That is DA BOMB. He can’t seem to ever get enough. This morning, at 3:00 AM, he went out. I heard the “swish” of the doggie door (note: best. invention. EVAR!) and started to monitor him. Nice pee, and then the “pacing” on the landing strip. Knowing that this meant he was gonna drop a deuce, I started putting on sweats and a t-shirt to go collect his droppings. A peek through the shades, and yep, the butt scrunchies was happening.

In the 20 seconds it took me to grab a flashlight, and a bag, the little butthead finished, turned around, and began eating.


Oh well, the vet isn’t too worried about the occasional fecal matter augmentation to his diet. The common belief is that he is missing something in his diet, but alas, regardless of what we augment with, you guessed it, he will still eat his poop.

We have tried all the remedies. Sprinkle garlic powder. Canned pineapple. The commercially available supplements. All to no avail. He still gobbles down his poopies.

The really amusing thing is how smart the little bugger is. I will be asleep, and Barbara will be up with him, and he shows no interest to go out. Barb tries to lure him outdoors, and gets the big meh from him.

As soon as she goes to brush her teeth? You guessed it, “swish” out the doggie door to do his business.

Or as soon as we go out to dinner, or grocery shopping.

The only other thing to watch for is cat turds on our walks. He seems to have an affinity, and a laser like vision to find the kitty-roca. It takes him about 2 seconds to find and snarf it down. I can’t count how often I have to scoop that out of his mouth. Yuckies.