A new Bro – Lilly

Well, I guess she can’t technically be a Bro’, as she is a she, but that has never stopped or slowed her enthusiasm.

Lilly with toyMeet Lilly, a Chihuahua mix, that belongs to Barbara’s friend Bart Crawford who lives near San Felipe in Baja California. She was “found” in the desert with her brother by two people riding in the desert on their ATV’s. Severely dehydrated, abandoned, and certain to be Coyote chow, she and her brother got lucky.

She is a puppy, they estimated to be 4 months old, and that seems pretty accurate since she just started shedding her puppy teeth. Black, with a grey stripe down her chest, the Crawfords were smitten as soon as they saw her.

Lilly with her uncle GeoffLilly is vivacious, outgoing, completely a snuggle bug, and loves her toys, and her new humans. Her personality is very affectionate, and she has bonded quite closely with her adopted family in just two weeks.

She has a small crate, and she sleeps there through the night, and she is learning to “ask” to be taken out for potties.

Of course, her new family spoils her rotten, cooking her veggies and chicken to augment her kibble, so she eats very well.

As with most Chihuahuas, she is fairly high energy, and plays very hard. But she also crashes, and sleeps for long periods during the day.

It is a match made in heaven, she was rescued from a horrible fate in the desert (I am still disgusted with how people can cruelly dump unwanted pets to die in the wilderness), and has found a fantastic forever home.

While she isn’t a Greyhound, she does qualify to be an honorary “Bro”. It was hard to leave her behind when we left San Felipe.