That would be a hard NO

Been a long time since I have posted (my bad) I have to drop in and mention something that I just found. When I originally bought my Honda S2000, I became very interested in keeping it in great condition, and … Read more

Lizzie LOVES the Dog Park…

In the last week, my wife has been out of town, and I have worked from home to take care of the pups. As part of this task, I have begun taking Lizzie to the dog park. Miyuki Park, about … Read more

Rescuing Dogs

This post has been rattling around my head for literally years, since long before we moved back from Arizona. At the genesis I was volunteering at Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption, and before that I did a stint at AGR (Arizona Greyhound Rescue). I learned a lot about the mechanics of rescue organizations, and the hounds that they work tirelessly to place. My recent pair of hounds came from a different group, an all breed rescue, Copper’s Dream a wonderful local group that works to place hounds in loving families.

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The search has begun …

When we lost Garrett in late January, he left a hole, both in our hearts and in our home. The opportunity to babysit the lively Falcon and Clara has partially filled that void, but it is time to consider our next furkid.

I have been perusing the local rescue organizations, Rocket Rescue, and Copper’s Dream and eyeing what is out there. We are pretty sure that our next rescue will not be a greyhound, as much as we love them, it is too heart-wrenching as they have astronomical incidences of cancers, musculoskeletal issues, and the ordeal of our 5 years of dealing with escalating idiopathic seizures, coupled with very expensive care, we want a bland “mixed” breed. Not that that guarantees fewer issues, but the genetics are in favor of less inherited maladies.

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A new Bro – Lilly

Well, I guess she can’t technically be a Bro’, as she is a she, but that has never stopped or slowed her enthusiasm.

Lilly with toyMeet Lilly, a Chihuahua mix, that belongs to Barbara’s friend Bart Crawford who lives near San Felipe in Baja California. She was “found” in the desert with her brother by two people riding in the desert on their ATV’s. Severely dehydrated, abandoned, and certain to be Coyote chow, she and her brother got lucky.

She is a puppy, they estimated to be 4 months old, and that seems pretty accurate since she just started shedding her puppy teeth. Black, with a grey stripe down her chest, the Crawfords were smitten as soon as they saw her.

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Dogs and Fireworks

Living with dogs is fabulous, but there are some rough patches. Some dogs just do not do well with loud noises. Backfiring cars, loud trash trucks, gunshots, thunderstorms, and of course, fireworks. Garrett is one of these sensitive hounds. If … Read more

Sad day for Tate

On Christmas Eve, Tate was a bit melancholy so I took him to the local high school (closed for the holiday) to partake in some zoomies. Since some inconsiderate pitbull owner was hogging the baseball diamond, we went to the … Read more

A New Beginning

Welcome to the rebooted Greyt Bro’s blog page. I had been running a Joomla site for it originally (useful to learn 3.x of Joomla!) but it got a bit wonky. Add to that the fact that I spent a lot … Read more