RIP Garrett, the Greytest Bro of all

Garrett, 2005 – 2018

At about 10:30 PM, on Thursday, January 25, we made the difficult, but ultimately correct, decision to send Garrett over the rainbow bridge. A few weeks shy of his 13th birthday, Garrett was a trooper until the end. About 7 months ago, one of his medications for his arthritis had become intolerable to him, he had started far too frequent vomiting episodes, deep, gut-wrenching sessions that left him exhausted. We switched medicines to Metacam, and that improved. Yes, he still ate too fast/too much, and had small barfing sessions, but by and large, he was doing well.

Then about 3-4 months ago, his breathing, particularly on walks, became labored. Was I worried? A little, he was a senior after all, but I would be lying if the wheezing didn’t bother me.

Then about 2 weeks ago, he had a pretty bad bout of the pukes. The fear was that this could be pancreatitis, and we were worried. Off to the vet, and x-rays, a full blood panel, and no, it definitely wasn’t pancreatitis. Bland diet, and reduced activity and he bounced back.

Then Wednesday and Thursday of this week, the barfs came back. By 7:00PM on Thursday, we knew it was getting bad. With nothing else to expel, he walked around on shaky legs, and was very very uncomfortable. Off to the E-vet we went, and the prognosis wasn’t positive. The vomiting had enlarged his esophagus, but worse, the x-rays of his chest showed growths in his lungs. While we don’t have a definitive diagnoses of cancer, the opinion of the vet was that was what we were seeing.

The decision to end his suffering was easy, yet amazingly difficult at the same time. No matter how much your rational side justifies it, your emotional side is just devastated. SWe said a tearful, blubbering goodbye, and snuggled with the G-Bear as he passed over the rainbow bridge.

As I write this, it is hard to focus, but it is because of this great sadness, and the memories of all the love and companionship he brought us. From the moment we saw his face at the kennel when we adopted him, until his last breath, Garrett was the sweetest, most gentle, and amazing fount of love.

The house isn’t the same without a dog. I have lost my best friend, my closest companion, and dammit it hurts.

I wonder how long until I can face the thousands of pictures I have of him to create a memorial album. Today is not that day.

Godspeed lil’ dude…