Last trip home …

As I knew it would, the call that we were dreading, yet knew was imminent finally rang through. Garrett’s cremains were ready for us to pick up. The call came while I was still in Spain on a business trip, … Read more

Remembering Garrett

We are adjusting to life without Garrett, slowly but surely. All the myriad dog beds have been washed, the plush toys too, and all the dog treats are stashed. But the house is too quiet. (we have a shitload of dog beds)

I miss the gentle nudge on the weekend for his morning walk. His expecting a little cheese when I make a salad. Or a smidgen of sliced turkey when I make a sandwich.

It is the little things that I miss. Him snuggling on the couch. His roaching. His derp.

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RIP Garrett, the Greytest Bro of all

Garrett, 2005 – 2018 At about 10:30 PM, on Thursday, January 25, we made the difficult, but ultimately correct, decision to send Garrett over the rainbow bridge. A few weeks shy of his 13th birthday, Garrett was a trooper until … Read more

Birthday Party Madness!

Yesterday, March 11, 2017, was Garrett’s 12th birthday. We had a small gathering of friends and family, too much food, and of course there was cake and icecream, all to honor our senior dude!

Major Milestone

Today, Garrett, our greyhound, celebrates his 12th birthday! He is currently resting comfortably next to me as I type this right now. A little over a year ago, when we lost Tate, we were worried that Garrett wasn’t long for … Read more

Garrett’s Resurgence

Somehow, Garrett has grown old. However, he is loving being an only dog, and thrives on his walks, and his new medicine.

Focus on Garrett

The loss of Tate means that we get to give extra love on our other greyhound, Tate’s older brother Garrett. Every day this week, we have taken efforts to spoil him, including taking him to the greatest place on the … Read more

Garrett has a Flashback

Life with greyhounds is never dull. Garrett, our senior dude, almost at the end of his 11th year, spends more time sleeping than usual.

About 18 months ago, he was what I would term a “thick” dog, but his arthritis kept him on a drug that made him eat a lot. Metacam, a NSAID for dogs, in an oral suspension, something not approved for people, it worked pretty well for Garrett over 6 years or so, where we were trying to minimize his dose. As the medication is ruinous to the liver, we kept him to as low of dose as he could, to prevent him from suffering liver failure.

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Scary Days

Garrett, our senior greyhound, has had a couple scary incidents lately. He suddenly becomes really lame in his right shoulder. No weight, crying trying to get up, and really a sad panda. This scares the shit out of us, as … Read more