It has been 5 weeks since Garrett joined his brother over the Rainbow Bridge, and the house has been quiet. Too quiet. That has changed.

The Backdrop

Last year, Barbara heard about a local family who has greyhounds that was in need. An accident caused their mom, Kristin, to not be able to walk them, and she volunteered to assist. I got the good fortune to spend an hour on Fridays to assist in walking the more energetic of the two, Falcon. A young, female fawn colored greyhound, she had boundless energy, yet was very happy and enthusiastic. Her sister, Clara, is shyer, more reserved, and far less energetic. We didn’t need to walk Clara, but Falcon definitely needed some energy worked off.

Then Kristin’s injury healed, and we receded into the background.

The Now

Falcon snuggles with her woobieKristin and her family (Husband and two greys) is in the process of selling their townhome, and moving into a house with a yard, and ample space for the pups (YAY!) and asked if we could help watch the young ladies.

With the house empty in Garrett’s absence, we agreed. It was like having fur visitors.

Last night, they came for their first stay, a “test run” so to speak. They came in, went out into the yard, sniffed everything, and made themselves at home. They discovered the “brown beds”, the toy bucket, the joy of the squeaky duck plush toy, and even the NylabonesTM.

It is a bit of a bittersweet joy to have greyhounds in the house again. Yes, we miss Garrett, but having two greys, under 5 years old, reminds us of the energy, the precociousness, of younger greyhounds. We were pretty spoilt by Garrett, who was always a calm, sedate, distinguished gentleman.

The next several weeks

Clara rests comfortably on the brwon bedWhile they ladies will go home today, they will be back next week to smooth the way for handymen and repairs to prepare their townhome for sale, and the following week to allow for the preparation for the all-important “open house”, and then – ultimately – for the move.

In many ways, we will feel like grandparents, as we get the girls for brief periods, get to spoil them rotten, then hand them back to Kristen. The best of all worlds.

I am looking forward to getting out my dog harness for my GoPro, and having Falcon-Cam videos.

I am looking forward to many pictures that I will take and share.

But what I am really looking forward to is the snuggling, the love that the greyhounds bring into our house. Garrett would approve.

Life is good.