We are just past 4 weeks with Lizzie, and the progress has been astounding. When we first met her, she was shy, retiring, and very very scared. I will admit that I was nervous about even considering adopting her, seeing … Read more


It has been 5 weeks since Garrett joined his brother over the Rainbow Bridge, and the house has been quiet. Too quiet. That has changed. The Backdrop Last year, Barbara heard about a local family who has greyhounds that was … Read more

Under attack

Well, somebody is trying to take control of this site. I will keep monitoring the new password requests, but it is tres annoying.


Oliver was our first real Greyhound. We had lost Astro, our beloved Mastiff, and Shamus was moping. We knew he needed a buddy to share the duties of the household. Our time spent with the two neighborhood greyhounds, Noble and … Read more