Lizzie Sleeps in … Sort of

Well, sort of. This morning, I was able to make it until almost 3:45 AM before she stirred. That is a big improvement.

Of course, the morning ritual was as is the custom, 2 hours of insane playtime, shadow boxing with daddy, zoomies (both in the house and outside the house), and even some playing in the sprinklers.

She is getting better about doing her business outdoors, and Barbara is beginning to get her to open up to her.

It is a journey, and it will take time, but today marks 2 weeks from when we brought this timid, shy, reserved soul into our home, and she has brightened it with her presence.

This week, a real challenge will happen. Thursday, we have Falcon and Clara coming to visit as their parents are moving into a house. I am sure that they will get along. I am hoping that Falcon will introduce Lizzie to the joys of the yard during the daytime.

We shall see.

One additional note. Today is the first day she spent no time in her crate. She does love the cozy den in the closet.