Lizzie Log – May 2

I guess that my celebration of her sleeping in to 3:30 and 3:45 was premature. Alas, she was up at 3:00 AM sharp. The good news is that she goes out and does her business.

Today, she has been a little less rambunctious, that is good.

Yesterday, her stylish Hotdog collar arrived. I was worried that the 1″ thick version would be too much, but it isn’t. It is a perfect match for her, purple with light pink lettering. She is definitely rocking it.

She is still terrified of the outdoors during the day time, Really bizarre. I thought at first it was the noises (airplanes, neighbor dog barking, kids playing) but I am not so sure. Talking to the original rescue that she was with, on the island of Kauai (they were turned on to us, and have offered a lot of input on her foster and pre-rescue life) is it clear that she has had a lot of struggle in her background, and that these behaviors aren’t too out of the ordinary for their charges. It is still sad.

But, significant progress has been made, and last night, Lizzie even sat between my wife and me while we were watching TV, getting pets and scritches.

No accidents yesterday, that is a huge positive.

Tomorrow, a big event happens. We will be caring for a friend’s greyhounds while they are moving house, (Clara and Falcon, look back in the posts to learn more) and they are very active, friendly girls. I am hopeful that the confidence of Falcon will help coax Lizzie into the yard during the day. She is really good about using the doggie door, so I know that isn’t the problem.

I will add that she is a very good sport about both nail trimming, and teeth brushing. Teeth brushing is like a game to her.

I can hardly wait until she is comfortable playing in the yard, and I can get out the GoPro for some “LizzieCam” action. Her deer-like hopping will be hilarious to capture and share.

It is really hard to believe that this is the same girl that was shy and shrinking when we first met her at Alyce’s house oh so long ago. So much progress. She really is a goofy, high energy girl.