This weekend, we had visitors. My brother and his wife came up from San Diego, and brought their two Maltipoos, Charley and Angel. Lizzie started the weekend in some stress. Strange people (very scary), and two little dogs who kept her corralled in her room.

They arrived on Sunday, and when we went to my sister’s house for BBQ, we left Lizzie at home. She wasn’t ready for a strange house, with strange dogs and people she just stayed in her room while we went out.

She behaved, mostly. It was clear she was on the bed (her favorite resting spot) but there was no stool in the yard. Still, no accidents and we got home late on Sunday (after 10:00PM).

Monday, the first night my brother and sister were staying in our guest room. Not too bad, but since she didn’t make poo, I was up early on Monday to make sure she got out.

She did her usual morning eliminations, my sleep was awful.

Still, the people, the extra dogs, and she spent all day pretty much in her den. Very very sad.

Then Monday night we went out for Chicago style deep dish pizza with the family. Lizzie was left at home, and the visiting hounds were closed into the guest room.

When we came home, wow-wee. First the bad:

The backlog of poop was in a couple of piles on the living room floor, and on the doggie bed. Furthermore, she dumped her bladder on the bed, soaking it through. Oh well. That is why we have the Bissell spot cleaner.

Additionally, there was an explosion of toys. Toys everywhere. My khaki’s that were on the nightstand? Yeah, there were in the Den. The water catch bucket? Yeah, in the den. My pillow that was under the quilt? Yeah, that was out and on the floor.

The good? Well, Lizzie had fun. She did seem an eensy bit sad that she voided her bowels and bladder in the house.

Today, the last day of these visitors, she decided to come out. THis AM, she came out and barked at my brother. That is an improvement. And after Barb and Cindy went out to lunch, che came out to play. I even let the lil’ ones out and she played well with them (although, her energy level is a little intimidating to 7 pound pooches).

Additionally, after the visitors left in the early afternoon, she was going in and out of the yard. Lying on the dirt. Soaking up the sun. Going pee.

Considering a little more than 2 weeks ago, she wouldn’t go outside when it was light out. Now she is in and out of the doggie door like its a screen door in a hurricane.

She is taking treats from Barb, giving her kisses, and playing tug of war with the rope toy.

Lizzie is really blossoming. There is plenty more to work on, especially walking on leash, but it is progressing well.