Lizzie and more visitors

Last weekend, Lizzie had my brother and sister in-law in town with their two Maltipoos. That started a bit rough, with Lizzie hiding most of the weekend, but she was much more brave by the time they left on Tuesday afternoon, even playing with the lil’ pups.

This weekend, Barbara’s brother is in town. Lizzie was (and is) a bit more freaked out. Barking, hiding, growling. Not so good. Of course, Barb’s brothers are big, loud, and not dog people. Lizzie was not happy.

But, today, there was progress. As they were headed to the Giants game, they had to wake up early, and, Lizzie was quite quiet. She didn’t come out and socialize, but little steps.

Side note, today, she went outside and just basked in the sun. A huge progress over her phobias.

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