Cerbie goes to skool

On Tuesday, Cerbie had his first training class. Honestly, Cerbie already knows the basics, sit, stay, down, come, and others, so this is as much to train Barbara, as it is to train Cerbie.

Of course, there are some things he could use. He does pull (hard) on the leash, and he is a bit of a squirrel chaser. But those are hardly horrible behaviors (except he is very strong.)

At about 5:45, Barb loaded him up and left for the one hour class. Like the good buy that he is, he jumped right into the car and off they went.

Lizzie on the other hand was inconsolable. Where did her brother go? Why wasn’t she with them. The frantic pacing, nosing her way into Barb’s office to stare at them through the window, the agitation. The worry over her brother. The humanity.

Howling, barking, and in general being a pest.

I would say that she has bonded with her bigger brother.

As for the training, Cerbie was a rock star, and Barb has plenty to practice this week before the next class. Next week, I will go along, and corral Lizzie. We shall see how she behaves.

Additional Cerbie notes

Alas, you might recall the vet visit we made last Saturday, where they expressed his anal sacs, Alas, they were very full, and one of them had a little bloody discharge.

Unfortunately, he still has some discharge (and it is more than tinged with blood), so he went back for another round, and now he is on antibiotics. Hopefully, that will clear up the issue. For now, he gets Amoxicillin 2 times a day.