Cerbie at Two Weeks

It is beginning to get difficult to write about Cerbie, as he is just so damn chill all the time. I swear the Island life really turned out a low drama hound. He has some minor health issues that we are working on (the infected anal gland – eww) but his behavior is exemplary.

He is a hugger. Like “I’m going to put my forepaws on your shoulders” hugger. He is almost tall enough to do it while you are standing, but definitely while sitting. It is a darling trait.

Cerbie keeps my Brother, Paul’s, lap warm.

He and Lizzie have bonded very tightly. In fact, at the 2 week mark, I suspect that we couldn’t separate Lizzie from Cerbie. He might be consolable, but Lizzie would be crushed. Heck, just taking him to class on Tuesday night left her frantic that he was gone (next week, and in the future, I will have to go along with Lizzie)

Lizzie and Cerbie’s playing has become both more energetic, yet less damaging. Lizzie, known for launching her from across the room at our couch, has a collection of scars and scabs from her very aggressive playing. However, as the minor cuts heal and scabs fall off, there aren’t new replacements. Yet their playing, if anything, has become more energetic. Clearly the pair are calibrating their play better.

(don’t worry about them, they were bred to hunt wild pigs, so they are damn tough, a lot tougher than greyhounds)

Cerbie’s next goal: to help Lizzie in her first Vet visit. We have been dreading the vet, Lizzie, with her stranger danger fear, will be a challenge. Cerbie is a calm, confident, chill dude to help show her the way. Fortunately, our vet is really good, and we have prepared them for what it is likely to be.

As I write this (5:52AM) I am listening to them roughhouse in the living room.

Life is good.