The Waiting Game

Life with a seizure dog is a struggle. Between episodes, life is normal, but in the back of your mind is the knowledge that a seizure is coming. Tate is a joy, exuberant, friendly, social, playful. The perfect greyhound (except … Read more

The little things with a Seizure dog

As I have written before, life with a seizure dog is challenging. Seizures come without warning and are terrifying for the hoomans who are around.

We medicate four times a day (anti-seizure medications and his thyroid medication), and have added some canna-companion (a hemp based anti seizure herb for pets). We keep an eye out for signs that a seizure is pending, called an “aura”, and extra medicate when we suspect one, but in the end, whenever the chemical imbalance in his brain gets to a critical point, the seizure will happen.

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