The search has begun …

When we lost Garrett in late January, he left a hole, both in our hearts and in our home. The opportunity to babysit the lively Falcon and Clara has partially filled that void, but it is time to consider our next furkid.

I have been perusing the local rescue organizations, Rocket Rescue, and Copper’s Dream and eyeing what is out there. We are pretty sure that our next rescue will not be a greyhound, as much as we love them, it is too heart-wrenching as they have astronomical incidences of cancers, musculoskeletal issues, and the ordeal of our 5 years of dealing with escalating idiopathic seizures, coupled with very expensive care, we want a bland “mixed” breed. Not that that guarantees fewer issues, but the genetics are in favor of less inherited maladies.

Yesterday, we did a “Meet and Greet” with the Copper’s Dream group, and was blown away.

First the turnout. There were about a dozen dogs there, and mobs of people. I swear that it was SRO for the most part. There were people finalizing adoptions (and that kept me from catching up with an ol’ high school friend, Alyce Yetso), people meeting the hounds, people asking questions, and in general all having a good time on a typical spring day in Santa Clara.

Second – the hounds. There was a wide variety of their available hounds on hand. From Montana, a little herding mix (about a year old, and unbelievably adorable, super sweet, and she was adopted), several Chihuahua / terrier mixes, lab/pit mixes all the way to Gracie, a 9 month old great dane that had an amazing personality.

All the dogs and people got along well, lots of knowledgable volunteers (tip to the Copper’s Dream rescue staff – have the volunteers/foster parents wear a distinctive t-shirt to make them easier to find or identify) and the number of people who were genuinely there looking for their next fur-kid.

We didn’t walk away with a dog, but we know that when the time is right, we will find the right hound.