Rescuing Dogs

This post has been rattling around my head for literally years, since long before we moved back from Arizona. At the genesis I was volunteering at Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption, and before that I did a stint at AGR (Arizona Greyhound Rescue). I learned a lot about the mechanics of rescue organizations, and the hounds that they work tirelessly to place. My recent pair of hounds came from a different group, an all breed rescue, Copper’s Dream a wonderful local group that works to place hounds in loving families.

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Lizzie – Week 2

The end of the first seven days of Lizzie had shown an enormous transformation from a shy crate dweller to a fun, high-energy pupper, there remain a few things to work on. First, improving the house training, as accidents still … Read more

Adoption Log – Lizzie – Week 1

Monday, April 16 – we met Lizzie, a hound who has had a bit of a rough history. The story about her is incomplete, but the belief is that she was bought to be a hunting dog in Kauai to hunt the feral boars. She didn’t work out, so she was dumped.

She is sweet, good around other dogs, but is very shy around people. She was moved to the mainland in December 2017, and has been in foster care since. She does bond with people, but it takes time to build trust.

We picked her up around 3:00PM, and returned home about 5:00. She was curious of the house, but still very timid. We borrowed a crate for her from the rescue group, and she was very comfortable inside it. It is important to give her a safe space.

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The search has begun …

When we lost Garrett in late January, he left a hole, both in our hearts and in our home. The opportunity to babysit the lively Falcon and Clara has partially filled that void, but it is time to consider our next furkid.

I have been perusing the local rescue organizations, Rocket Rescue, and Copper’s Dream and eyeing what is out there. We are pretty sure that our next rescue will not be a greyhound, as much as we love them, it is too heart-wrenching as they have astronomical incidences of cancers, musculoskeletal issues, and the ordeal of our 5 years of dealing with escalating idiopathic seizures, coupled with very expensive care, we want a bland “mixed” breed. Not that that guarantees fewer issues, but the genetics are in favor of less inherited maladies.

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Rescuing Greyhounds

I have volunteered off and on for more than a decade in the service of transitioning Greyhounds from the track to happy homes. It is a worthy cause, and one that I gladly undertake, but it is a never ending endeavor. From helping at the kennel, to running the web properties, it is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. It has also taught me a lot about the hounds, and the enterprise that creates so many greyhounds to be placed.

Like many exploitive industries, the dog racing industry has some issues. There is a lot of infrastructure to get the hounds from their litters to the track, from breeders to kennel operators, and trainers, all with an agenda. However, at the end of the day, the product, hounds racing and being bet on, is a for profit endeavor. Winners are treated well, average hounds survive, and the losers? Well, that isn’t worth thinking too much about.

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