Lizzie Log – third week

I know it is bad luck to say this out loud, but it has been a week and a half since Lizzie has had a mistake in the house. In that time, she had visiting fast dogs, she has become more comfortable going outside during the day. She is doing her business regularly. She comes out in the living room when we are watching TV. SHe even climbs on eh couch with both of us.

She still wakes up too early, and she has an insane amount of energy when she first gets up. Like a mile of zoomies in the house and out the back door.

Still not walking. I did get her harness on, and outside, but she went straight to the car, and then wouldn’t go any further. More to work on there. Much more.

She did eat another remote control (I should buy the remotes by the dozen…) but that was largely my fault for not stashing it.

She is goofy, affectionate, sweet, and occasionally well behaved. I know that she will need some formal training. Still waiting for her complete adjustment to life in her forever home before that.

She does need a bath. Perhaps that will be a goal for the weekend.

I do want to get her to the vet for a checkup, and to get her started on her heartguard.