Changing the Game

The one consistent thread is that Lizzie is somewhat nocturnal exercise. Pretty consistently, at 3:00ish AM, she wakes up, and gets really playful. Sprints, shadow boxing, indoor/outdoor zoomies, milling around the rosebushes, and general mayhem. It is fun to watch her truly own her environment, but, I will admit that my sleep patterns are completely off kilter. Waking up at 2:30 to 3:20 AM every day does a number on me.

Last night, she stirred at 1:00AM. That was too early. So, I shuffled her into her crate, and closed the door. Some nesting, a couple of head shakes, and she went to sleep. A few stirrings, but I didn’t let her out until 4:00 AM.

She didn’t whine, she didn’t freak out, in fact, she took it quite well. I probably could have stretched it to 5:00AM, and will soon. She was just as over-the-top insane, playing, be-bopping, and chaotic that we have come to love about the lil’ Lizzie, just that it started an hour and a half later. Success.

It is time to get her on a reasonable schedule, both for my sanity, and to help prepare her for when I need to travel (while I don’t travel often, it is still required for my job).

Oh, and her playing in the roses, well, she has muddy feet, as you can see by the tracks on the carpet. Today, whether she likes it or not, she is getting a bath.