The Cousins are Back!

Prior to Cerbie’s arrival, we had the joy of my sister’s hounds staying with us. She lives near Lake Shasta, and the Carr fire was threatening her homestead, so we took in her pooches.

After they left (and the fire was control), we quickly snarfed up Cerbie.

Fast forward to September 4th, and the Delta Fire is once again threatening her neighborhood in Shasta. So, you guessed it, we have the cousins back. And Cerbie. Fortunately Griz was able to stay with my other sister, so we just have the four of them.

It does make life interesting. Feeding time is in two waves. I feed Lizzie and Cerbie first in the garage, then I feed Sugar and Teddy in the house after.

Cerbie does like his walks, but I can’t manage all of them, so he goes alone (and Lizzie so wants to go, but she is scared.)

Sleeping time is rough. I sleep on the futon in the spare room with Sugar and Ted. Lizzie does sneak in, but it is, how shall I say it, puppy tetris.

Still, they are adorable.

That said, Sugar is the devil. She really REALLY REALLY need some training. She is the instigator of the worst of the blow ups, and ruckuses.

Today, I took a big risk (twice). Barbara was away at a football game, and when the dogs were all quiet, I first snuck off to the grocery store. No issues.

Then, I took a second outing, to Lowes, to buy some plumbing parts to repair the faucet out back (it was a well aged fitting, probably 40 years old that began leaking). Again, no issues. And changing the fixture was well watched by the four furry friends.

Both outings, I was on edge. Would they get along? Would they trash something? Would there be blood? All distinct possibilities. I am happy to report that none of my worst fears came to pass.

Unrelated: It seems that Lizzie might have a bladder infection. She has had a little incontinence, and that makes me (and her) sad. I guess a second vet visit is in the cards.

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  1. I truly enjoy reading about the adventures you have with all these pups. They look so calm and peaceful on their beds, but I can only imagine what playtime is like at your hours.

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