Lizzie ROCKS the Vet!

We have had Lizzie for almost 5 months, and she has come a long way with her fears and demons. However, she remains terrified by strange people. Traumatic incidents in her time prior to us adopting her are the source of this, and it is sad.

Lizzie was remarkably calm in the exam room

One milestone that we have been dreading is the fist visit to the vet. Fortunately, she is fairly robust, and apart from some wicked scars, a distended nipple, and a place where her incisor irritated her lip, she it tip-top. But, we knew that we needed to get her to the vet. So after Cerbies no-drama visit, we scheduled a quick in and out, to not traumatize her. Really a quick visit, with no deeper investigation, and (hopefully) a low stress visit.

We assumed that later we would return for the usual things like the flu shot, and the heartworm test (as while heartworm isn’t common, it isn’t rare here either).

I am happy to say – astounded really – that Lizzie ROCKED the visit. We of course brought her big brother, the “chill” Mr. Cerbie, to help guide her thorough this fairly traumatic event, a role he played with aplomb.

But, the real star was Lizzie. She confidently strode into the office. The receptionist was able to pet her (srsly!?!?!?) and we were quickly guided into the exam room. Lizzie explored, and paced a little bit, but we have to admit that her Emotional Support Dog (a.k.a. Cerberus) was a huge help. By getting down and having ample jerky treats, the vet tech (Mags) was able to do the high level exam, and we even were able to take her temperature (I helped hold her), all the while, Lizzie was just cool as a cucumber.

Dr. Brineberg checks Lizzie’s heart

She finished her exam, and we waited for the Vet, Dr. Breinberg (we go to Archvet, whom provided OUTSTANDING care to our Greyhounds, if you are in South San Jose, I highly recommend them) to enter. They were having a pretty major emergency so it was a few minutes. Of course, Lizzie was immediately comfortable, and the more in depth examination began. Listening to her heart, checking her ears, teeth, etc. I pointed out her two things I had some concern about (the distended nipple, and the spot on her lip) and both Barbara and I were astounded at how much of a rock star Lizzie was being.

(We also had Dr. Breinberg check out Cerbie’s anal sac, as there is still nasty discharge, but while there is still a tinge of blood, it is much reduced, and we will be keeping him on the antibiotic)

With her doing so well, we decided to get the heartworm test, and get her on the preventative Heartguard, as well as getting her on the same flea/tick treatment as Cerbie, Bravecto (a chewable, once every three months, but damn it is expensive) so that they were on the same regimen, and the same calendar.

Overall, the visit was a 10 out of 10. The staff and facilities at Archvet are top notch, and while they aren’t cheap, we trust the care of our fur-children to them exclusively.

Lizzie with her emotional support hound

Considering our initial expectations, that I would have to carry Lizzie in, that she would bark like crazy, and that she would cower on the floor, the actual results were astonishing.

One thing that is for certain is that Lizzie’s “emotional support dog”, Cerbie, was an amazingly positive influence on this trip. He is truly a chill dude, a mellowing factor, and a magnifier of her improving behaviors.

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  1. Yahoo for Lizzie ❤️
    What a major obstacle overcome. And good job Cerbie for being a good brother and giving Lizzie the extra support she needed. Hugs ? and scratches ??

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