We are just past 4 weeks with Lizzie, and the progress has been astounding. When we first met her, she was shy, retiring, and very very scared. I will admit that I was nervous about even considering adopting her, seeing her that afternoon at Alyce Yetso’s house.

Fortunately, by the end of that week, she had greatly improved. Still, plenty to work on, but solid progress. Ever since then, she has been growing by leaps and bounds, until she was hosting the fast friends (Falcon and Clara) and becoming ever more comfortable around Barbara.

Two nights ago, she began her wakey, and high activity a bit too early for me, so when she stirred at 1:00AM, I guided her into her crate and closed the door. That worked a treat.

Last night, I was ready for a repeat performance, but alas, the game changed again. How you ask? She slept in until 4:30, all by herself. In fact, she probably would have slept later if I hadn’t needed to void my bladder.

Of course, she was absolutely bonkers after waking up, and Barbara finally experienced her “lap running” in real time.

Also, last night, she was sleeping on the couch with us as we watched TV. And she snored. All good signs.

In a couple weeks, my brother and his wife will visit, bringing their maltipoos so we will again have some visitors for Lizzie to spend time with. She will be ready!