Health Issues

The life of a dog owner is very blessed. Lots of love, wiggling tails, and a bond that is difficult to describe. From the “gotcha” day, until the last breath in your arms at the end of a long life, they bring amazing happiness, and companionship to you.

Alas, they also have health issues to deal with, and fortunately there are veterinarians who are there to work with you (although sometimes it is best not to ask the price). Both Lizzie and Cerbie have needed some care in their time with us.

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Lizzie ROCKS the Vet!

We have had Lizzie for almost 5 months, and she has come a long way with her fears and demons. However, she remains terrified by strange people. Traumatic incidents in her time prior to us adopting her are the source of this, and it is sad.

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Cerbie goes to the Vet

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, we have had Cerbie for a full week. At about 12:45 yesterday afternoon, we logged 1 week as the stewards of this wonderful dog.

How to celebrate that? Yep, you guessed it, it is time for a vet visit.

Fortunately the Kauai humane society provided extensive records of his care, and the vaccinations/tests etc. that he had before getting on the plane, so some of the preliminaries were streamlined.

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Sad day for Tate

On Christmas Eve, Tate was a bit melancholy so I took him to the local high school (closed for the holiday) to partake in some zoomies. Since some inconsiderate pitbull owner was hogging the baseball diamond, we went to the … Read more