Lizzie LOVES the Dog Park…

In the last week, my wife has been out of town, and I have worked from home to take care of the pups. As part of this task, I have begun taking Lizzie to the dog park. Miyuki Park, about … Read more

Day 3+ of Cerbie

One day, the posts will trickle, but for now Cerbie is still new, and he is still bringing lots of new experiences, so the posts continue.

Last night, both Lizzie and Cerbie slept on doggie beds in our room. No crate, no issues, no drama. Excellent.

The new feeding station arrived, as Cerbie is about as messy as our Tate was with his eating and drinking.

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It’s official, Cerbie is ours

Well, it’s official. Cerbie is ours. Yesterday afternoon, I went to Paypal to pay the adoption fee.

Monday, the second full day came and went without any major issues. Cerbie – as we now call him – did splendidly during the day. After the early morning walk where Lizzie’s tantrum in Barb’s office was the sold downside, he settled into a calm day. I seem to recall someone mentioning that he needed lots of exercise. Monday, you could have fooled me by how much time he spent sacked out on the couch.

From 3:00 to almost 4:00 while Barb was at the gym, I reclined on the couch to watch some TV, and Cerbie was sleeping next to me. No sleep agression there (a common Greyhound issue).

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“Cerbie” survives his second day

Things got a lot calmer after the first truncated day. A little bit of pecking order battling with Lizzie in the AM, but that seemed less intense than last night. I think Lizzie is beginning to understand that it is OK if she isn’t the top dog.

We have switched his (and Lizzie’s) food to the Merrick grain free Salmon kibble. Two meals, and so far good poops.

I am not yet ready to declare the conflict between the two hounds settled, but I am confident enough to order a customized collar from HotDogCollars with his name on it. Next up will be to get a large 2 Hounds Designs harness.

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