Baby steps

Five and a half weeks, and what a transformation in the lil’ Lizzie. Shy, timid, retiring when we first picked her up, she had to be carried outside for her eliminations, and cowering in her crate otherwise. It was a huge deal when she first ate in the kitchen, when she went outside by herself to do her duty, when she started playing, when she finally went out on her own during daylight hours, when she first let Barbara pet her out of her crate or den.

Remarkable progress, progress that I thought would take months happening so quickly that my head is almost spinning.

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Garrett has a Flashback

Life with greyhounds is never dull. Garrett, our senior dude, almost at the end of his 11th year, spends more time sleeping than usual.

About 18 months ago, he was what I would term a “thick” dog, but his arthritis kept him on a drug that made him eat a lot. Metacam, a NSAID for dogs, in an oral suspension, something not approved for people, it worked pretty well for Garrett over 6 years or so, where we were trying to minimize his dose. As the medication is ruinous to the liver, we kept him to as low of dose as he could, to prevent him from suffering liver failure.

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