Remembering Garrett

We are adjusting to life without Garrett, slowly but surely. All the myriad dog beds have been washed, the plush toys too, and all the dog treats are stashed. But the house is too quiet. (we have a shitload of dog beds)

I miss the gentle nudge on the weekend for his morning walk. His expecting a little cheese when I make a salad. Or a smidgen of sliced turkey when I make a sandwich.

It is the little things that I miss. Him snuggling on the couch. His roaching. His derp.

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Sad days for Tate

Tate, our greyhound is a seizure dog. Starting about his 3rd birthday (and about 6 months after we got him), he had seizures. Not minor tremors that can be missed, but epic grand mal epileptic seizures. The whole magilla. It … Read more

The “Roach”

All greyhound owners are aware of the awesome “roaching” their hounds do. It is something that is almost endemic to the breed. Of course, it has an origin. When cockroaches die (from poisoning or natural causes), they end up on … Read more

Rescuing Greyhounds

I have volunteered off and on for more than a decade in the service of transitioning Greyhounds from the track to happy homes. It is a worthy cause, and one that I gladly undertake, but it is a never ending endeavor. From helping at the kennel, to running the web properties, it is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. It has also taught me a lot about the hounds, and the enterprise that creates so many greyhounds to be placed.

Like many exploitive industries, the dog racing industry has some issues. There is a lot of infrastructure to get the hounds from their litters to the track, from breeders to kennel operators, and trainers, all with an agenda. However, at the end of the day, the product, hounds racing and being bet on, is a for profit endeavor. Winners are treated well, average hounds survive, and the losers? Well, that isn’t worth thinking too much about.

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