More Milestones

(WARNING: This post will talk about urine and feces. Dog people will get it. If you cringe at the thought of a big dookie in the living room, you will probably want to leave now.)

Celebrating milestones is important. Yesterday, we had a significant milestone. If you recall from last week, we had a bit of backsliding on her “housebroken” status. Both a pee and a poo in the the living room, and barely concealed disappointment. She had been doing so good.

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Changing the Game

The one consistent thread is that Lizzie is somewhat nocturnal exercise. Pretty consistently, at 3:00ish AM, she wakes up, and gets really playful. Sprints, shadow boxing, indoor/outdoor zoomies, milling around the rosebushes, and general mayhem. It is fun to watch her truly own her environment, but, I will admit that my sleep patterns are completely off kilter. Waking up at 2:30 to 3:20 AM every day does a number on me.

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Lizzie Log – third week

I know it is bad luck to say this out loud, but it has been a week and a half since Lizzie has had a mistake in the house. In that time, she had visiting fast dogs, she has become more comfortable going outside during the day. She is doing her business regularly. She comes out in the living room when we are watching TV. SHe even climbs on eh couch with both of us.

She still wakes up too early, and she has an insane amount of energy when she first gets up. Like a mile of zoomies in the house and out the back door.

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Puppy Proofing

Ah, the joy of having a young, and energetic pooch in the house has rekindled the vestigal art of “puppy-proofing”. Strictly speaking, this is the need to protect household goods from a teething puppy who is chewing everything to help work the puppy teeth to fall out so that the adult teeth can grow in. Typically, this is a temporary period, but many dogs enjoy chewing, so we supply them with Nylabones, rope toys, and other things to occupy their gnawing jaws.

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Lizzie and the Outdoors

We are now just into the third week of Lizzie being part of our pack, and she has come a long way from the shy, timid, and fearful dog that I had to manually extract from her crate to take out back to do her business.

She has completely warmed to me, and she is warming to Barbara, albeit slowly. We know that this is a process, and that she has to make her own progress at her level of comfort.

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Whatta Day – the Greyhounds come to visit

Before we even began looking for our next hound, we committed to watching the girls, Falcon and Clara, while their parents moved. Then we got Lizzie, and the first week made me a bit nervous that it wouldn’t be good to bring new pooches into the house. However, her rapid changes, and improvement in her comfort, play, and behavior led me to believe it was worth the risk.

I suspected that Lizzie would be fine. The reports form her foster parents were that Lizzie thrived with other dogs, while being reserved around people. But the real wild card was the greyhounds. Most of them are good with other dogs, but not all, and Falcon is very very strong.

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Lizzie Fun Facts

At the two and a half week mark, it has been an amazing amount of progress in the lizzie front. She is almost unrecognizable from the shy, retiring hound that we first met at Alyce’s house on April 16. She plays, she zoomies in the yard, she uses the dog door (at least when it is dark), she is affectionate, she is a toy whore, and she loves treats.

But it is not all skittles and unicorns.

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Lizzie Log – May 2

I guess that my celebration of her sleeping in to 3:30 and 3:45 was premature. Alas, she was up at 3:00 AM sharp. The good news is that she goes out and does her business.

Today, she has been a little less rambunctious, that is good.

Yesterday, her stylish Hotdog collar arrived. I was worried that the 1″ thick version would be too much, but it isn’t. It is a perfect match for her, purple with light pink lettering. She is definitely rocking it.

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Lizzie’s new Den

Saturday was an accident free day. However, she still adamantly refuses to go out on her own if it is light outside. There has to be something driving this behavior. I am sure it will get better with time, but it is puzzling.

Lizzie in her denOn Friday, we turned my closet in the master bedroom into a little dark, quiet den for Lizzie. Removed the clutter from the floor, moved a perfectly sized orthopedic bed in, and placed a floppy, but thin bed on top of that so she can “nest” (it is adorable, she nests like a greyhound). She quickly took to it, and on Saturday, except for about 10 minutes she was in her crate, she slept and remained in her new den.

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