Remembering Garrett

We are adjusting to life without Garrett, slowly but surely. All the myriad dog beds have been washed, the plush toys too, and all the dog treats are stashed. But the house is too quiet. (we have a shitload of dog beds)

I miss the gentle nudge on the weekend for his morning walk. His expecting a little cheese when I make a salad. Or a smidgen of sliced turkey when I make a sandwich.

It is the little things that I miss. Him snuggling on the couch. His roaching. His derp.

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Major Milestone

Today, Garrett, our greyhound, celebrates his 12th birthday! He is currently resting comfortably next to me as I type this right now. A little over a year ago, when we lost Tate, we were worried that Garrett wasn’t long for … Read more

A new Bro – Lilly

Well, I guess she can’t technically be a Bro’, as she is a she, but that has never stopped or slowed her enthusiasm.

Lilly with toyMeet Lilly, a Chihuahua mix, that belongs to Barbara’s friend Bart Crawford who lives near San Felipe in Baja California. She was “found” in the desert with her brother by two people riding in the desert on their ATV’s. Severely dehydrated, abandoned, and certain to be Coyote chow, she and her brother got lucky.

She is a puppy, they estimated to be 4 months old, and that seems pretty accurate since she just started shedding her puppy teeth. Black, with a grey stripe down her chest, the Crawfords were smitten as soon as they saw her.

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A finally tally

As we are preparing our taxes, we were tallying up our expenses last year. One thing that was always a big expense but that we didn’t really count was the cost of Tate’s seizure medicines and other care. In our … Read more

Tate’s Final Rest

The bad day happened. No, not the actual decision and act to send Tate across the rainbow bridge because his seizures were escalating, and he was beginning to suffer the consequences. That was not a good day, but at least … Read more

That dreaded call …

I am calmly awaiting the dreaded call. The one to tell us that we may pick up Tate’s cremains. As rational as I have been, knowing that throughout his seizures, that we would eventually have had to put him down … Read more